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1.11 Update

I have now posted a 1.11 update. Right now this is in alpha since I haven’t tested much of it but I assume most things should work.
There are also quite a few changes between this alpha and the 1.10 right now.

You can get it now from


  • Minecraft 1.11
  • Minecraft Forge
  • (Optional) JEI
  • (Optional) JER [Any 1.11 versions should work but this is what I built with]

Give a huge thanks to scottosx who added a large portion of the new features. Also, I have done minimal testing so far so report any bugs at https://github.com/grim3212/Grim-Pack/issues. There is also some things that are still being worked on and will be added before the full release.


  • Add in new Decor Door that can be colorized
  • Add in colorizer light that works the same as the default colorizer but emits light
  • New backend changes for colorizer blocks
  • New config changes to decide if colorizers consume a block when set or not
  • Slingshot changes
  • Add in new slingshots, pellets, and a pellet bag to store the different pellets
  • FlatBedrock now generates on the ceiling in the nether
  • Manual recipe pages support clicking the items. If a item has a manual page then it takes you to that page
  • Added mob repulsor, similar to a portable repulsor
  • Cheeseburger recipe now uses steak instead of pork
  • Sound effect for magic wand slightly reduced
  • Added new modes to powerstaff
  • There are now four modes the powerstaff supports (floating push, floating pull, dropping push, dropping pull)
  • These floating modes stop the block from automatically getting affected by gravity
  • Automatic item replacer is set to false by default since many mods do this
  • Default extruder fuel values changed to be more predictable
  • Basic tameable TreasureMob… The start more to come
  • Use oredict stickIron for some recipes to stop some conflicts
  • Add more information to extruder GUI
  • Add in the start of Fungus changes
  • Add in Floating Island world type

Bug fixes for 1.11

  • Remove some OreDict recipes that included vanilla to stop compatibility issues
  • FlatBedrock was causing crashes in 1.11 so the way it has worked has changed so now it modifies the chunks data directly.
  • BetterBUckets use the correct capability for 1.11.
  • Many ItemStack crash fixes that I didn’t catch for the first round of updating.
  • Fix some broken recipes and add some more localizations to Pokeball and Manual.

Super Slopes

Super slopes has been added back into the Grim Pack!!


  • Add in Super Slopes
  • The Super Slope blocks now use the new colorizer system and can be placed upside without needing two different blocks
  • Pruners now work on pretty much any leaf block
  • A few extra block shapes were added.
  • Stairs are now no longer just upside down and work as regular stairs
  • Added tooltips to all config options
  • Dispensers can now throw spears and call of duty knives
  • Cuisine Options now tell you that it doesn’t have any options

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a crash using an empty bucket on an ice maker
  • Make MultiTools actually consider themselves the other tools. Should stop problems with some blocks

So have fun and you can get the latest version on Curse.

Manual Update

I just released a new version and many things changed behind the scenes mainly instruction manual. Many classes were renamed and functionality added to support being able to lookup block, item, and entity information. A full list of changes is


  • You can now lookup information on blocks, items, and entities by right clicking with them in the world while holding the instruction manual.
  • A green check mark will appear by the cross hair if this is possible (can be disabled)
  • New pages to show off the machine recipes from Industry
  • Camo plate now stores the block information like decor furniture but still only gets information from the block below

Bug Fixes

  • Better buckets weren’t able to pickup modded fluids but able to place them. This has been fixed
  • A few model and collision problems I noticed

So have fun and you can get the latest version on Curse.

Decor Update

This update is one of the biggest and contains new features including big changes to how decor furniture, fireplaces, and lamp posts work.
You now right click with a block in hand to set the texture and either break it or use a brush to remove the block.

So have fun and you can get the latest version on Curse.


Full changes below

A huge amount of changes from last version


  • Decor furniture has been completely overhauled
  • You now right click a piece of furniture, fireplace, lamp post to let it colorize itself to that block
  • To get the block back you need to break it or craft a brush
  • Shift right click on a furniture block to see what is currently stored
  • Many recipes have changed
  • Config files are now cleaner but will break configs from previous version
  • You can now disable parts via config
  • Added an option to disable corruption generation
  • A few new blocks have been added including colorizer, hardened wood, and burning wood.
  • New items like iron rod
  • Changed how double doors, and fence gates, etc, open so that it uses vanilla and shouldn’t break any changes that mods make


Bug Fixes

  • Hopefully fixed a rare issue that would give a player another manual
  • Fix chain fences to look like iron bars since it was using the same collision box
  • Fix a crash that would occur on servers when mining uranium


Probably a small change I missed but everything should be documented in the manual.
Big thanks to Drakray for reporting all of the bugs as well as making some suggestions.

I am always open to suggestions.

Updated to 1.9/1.10

I have just uploaded a new version to curse that works on 1.9 and 1.10.
This includes a number of bug fixes and changes.
These should hopefully be for the better.

Only one bug known so far
Vanilla desert wells spawn as well as my better desert wells.
This should hopefully be fixed with an official build for 1.10 if my pull request is accepted.

Tell me if you find any bugs or have any problems.

So have fun and you can get the latest version on Curse.

Updated to 1.8.9

Alright guys I have got a 1.8.9 version of my mods updated. With this update all mods have been combined into one. As well as several new things added.

I am now working on 1.9 because 1.8.9 is feature complete to me.
1.9 will be making all of the mods fit together better while 1.8.9 was a straight port.

All information here will be updated when I get a stable 1.9 version out.

So have fun and you can get the latest version on Curse.

Minecraft 1.9

So, Minecraft 1.9 has just been released. I was planning on starting to finally update to 1.8.9 but, I really don’t have the time to update twice. This means that I will wait for a stable version of Forge and update then. Sorry, for the delay but they will be updated.