[su_box title=”Hammers” radius=”5″]Author: Grim3212
Mod Idea: Goreae
Required Mods:
Grim3212 Core
Minecraft Forge
Current Version
Older Versions[/su_box]

This mod adds in a hammer for each type of tool material. These hammers are basically creative mode in a tool for survival. You can break blocks basically instantly but you won’t receive any drops from blocks you break. So, this can be really useful for breaking down mountains really quickly.

Recipes no longer require a Item Core… Only the material type they are made out of. Check the Instruction Manual for clarification.
external image Bx7FNAF.pngexternal image crgGStJ.png
external image iSn0Awv.pngexternal image D3PJrAI.png
external image 9fVAxx3.png

Video By: Me


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