Grim3212 Core

[su_box title=”Grim3212 Core” radius=”5″]Author: Grim3212
Required Mods:
Minecraft Forge
Current Version
Older Versions[/su_box]

This is a mod that all of my other mods require now. This includes a version checker for all of my mods and also some other helpful libraries that my mods use for better functionality and versatility.
Without this you cannot use any of my mods they will crash and give a message that you require this mod.

This includes a config option to disable version checking for all of my mods globally.

This also includes a Creative Tab for both items and blocks from most of my mods.

This now includes the Grim3212 Instruction Manual. This item will allow you to get information on each one of my mods from ingame. This is very convenient especially if their are broken images on this website.


How To Use:

  • Right click to open.
  • Use the arrows at the bottom for navigating the pages.
  • Click on the mods name to go to the sub-section for that mod.
  • It will save the last page you were on while ingame.
  • When in a crafting or furnace recipe you can pause the recipe using the pause button.
  • You can only pause if it is a recipe that moves.

Video By:  Me


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