[su_box title=”Backpacks” radius=”5″]Author: Grim3212
Required Mods:
Grim3212 Core
Minecraft Forge
Current Version
Older Versions[/su_box]

Hello everyone I have another new mod out and it adds in backpacks. This has been done before and it doesn’t really add that much in but it was me testing to see if I could do it.
Anyway so this is entirely my code even though this was released along with MightyPork’s mods.

So, to make a backpack you have to first make the leather backpack.
external image TS0ba0U.png
This works as a normal backpack but if you like you can also dye your backpacks with any of the dyes.
To open right click.

They are shapeless recipes and only require one dye.
external image 4P51cZQ.png

You can also dye already dyed backpacks and wash them to get back to the leather look with a bucket of water.
The textures of the backpacks of V0.2 are slightly different then V0.1

The Gui of backpacks has 18 slots to put your items.
Also be aware that you can’t put backpacks in backpacks.
external image DNgJbG3.png

As an added bonus this mod adds in a portable workbench which crafting recipe and what the Gui looks like is below.
To open right click.
external image IkHkFic.png


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