TTM Ultra Pack

[su_box title=”TTM Ultra Pack” radius=”5″]Author: thethirdmike
Required Mods:
Grim3212 Core
Minecraft Forge
Current Version
Older Versions[/su_box]


external image hl1.png
Have you ever wanted to build an interstate highway but found stone and cobble too slow? Have you ever gleefully installed the Planes mod and then set out to build a runway out of wool? Have you ever wished that torches could be put on ceilings? Are you wondering how that last question is related to the first two?

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to introduce Rways! Rways is a mod that brings the concept of modern road construction to Minecraft. Say goodbye to cobblestone roads and runways made of wool and “Hello!” to superior paved Rways. Why Rways, you ask? Rways can be either Roadways or Runways, so I decided to give each one the same recognition in the name. Plus, it’s shorter. Rways can be painted with all kinds of markings using a Paint Roller. They also let you, your vehicle, or your plane move much faster than on an unimproved surface. The mod additionally adds halogen lights, high-powered devices brighter than torches that can be placed on walls, ceilings, floors, and even integrated into Rway segments.

If you’ve read this far, you must be interested, so let’s start covering the details:
To build an Rway, you will need asphalt, which comes from tar. Craft some tarballs using a bucket of water filled with gravel and coal.
external image Oy8oFak.jpg
Tarballs can then be refined in the furnace to produce asphalt.
external image E2Bi1hj.jpg

It’s time to put that asphalt to use. Apply it to some stone and you have a fantastic, structurally sound Rway segment. Combine many of these for incredible feats of engineering such as massive airport runways, city streets, and even elevated highways. Asphalt can now be held as an item and directly applied to stone blocks to turn them into Rways without having to craft them.
external image HKj7gds.jpg

As great as they are, Rways could get kind of boring without any markings. Craft a paint roller using some wool, sticks, and white paint (okay, bone meal, same thing). With a paint roller equipped, you can use it on an Rway segment by right-clicking to cycle forward through available patterns and left-clicking to go backwards. Don’t have a two button mouse? Maybe it’s time you left the ’90s.
external image 6FL2xuS.jpg
There are some times where torches just won’t cut it. After all, what self-respecting modern builder would place dozens of fire hazards all over their walls? Not you, my friends. You have halogen lights, which through your incredible genius, can be crafted with nothing more than a piece of glass and some of that freakish red stone that grows underground. They can be placed anywhere that torches can and more, including on ceilings and underwater. [Disclaimer]
external image aWAar8D.jpg
You, my friends, are more sophisticated than simple, ionized lighting. How about embedded lights for Rways that can be turned on and off by clicking or using redstone circuitry? Construction is simple. Place a halogen light in an Rway section to make sure you can always see your landing zone from far away and up above.

external image oXiittW.jpg
Not yet convinced? Sample some of these tasteful but quickly thrown together screenshots of what Rways has to offer:
The available painting options include a plethora of stripes, as well as some solid colors.
external image rw2.png
A simple intersection for a world where people are very careful and unlikely to trip on a half-block high curb.
external image SPuPkaW.png
A modern office building mysteriously devoid of furnishings but with no shortage of excellent lighting.
external image qLES3Sb.png
Say, that runway looks a little familiar…
external image Rwd6798.png
Manholes! They can be opened and closed to keep you in and out. There’s also an Aluminum Ladder down there. Neato! Also Swalks (or sidewalks if you’re lame), which increase the player’s movement speed. By the way, Rways don’t increase the player’s movement speed anymore, they do it for HeavyVehicles.
external image rw1.png
It is inevitable that vehicles will one day roam the world of Minecraft. Already today, we have jamioflan’s Planes and SDK’s ATV. Vehicles, are becoming an essential tool for many players. Now is the time to safeguard your iron-hungry investments. Now is the time to prepare for the future of Minecraft. Ladies and gentlemen, now is the time for Garages!

Garages can most simply be described as a new kind of door. An amazing door. They keep the scary monsters and spiders outside but let sunlight in. They can be opened by right-clicking and placed on the bottom of a ceiling to provide a strong, but flexible barrier to keep your vehicles safe from the perils of the night. Garages are synchronized. Opening one garage block will open the whole garage. They are even variable in height, ranging from the dingy crevice that can hold no more than a Smart Car to incredibly massive, gigantonormous aircraft hangar doors. Ladies and gentlemen, garages are the future of vehicular security.

In order to build a garage, you must first craft some garage panels out of iron and glass.
external image Fc71ZzD.png

Three of these panels can be combined to form a garage block. A single garage block is placed on the bottomside of a regular block and is one block wide. It must have at least 3 blocks of clearance (essentially a minimum height of three) and has no maximum height.
external image LZYGRsm.jpg
Many of you who rushed off to build a massive garage must now be wondering how to close it now that you have opened it and you are too short to reach the top to close it again. It is now time for another fantastic electronic contraption. I present, the Garage Remote! Using this simple device crafted from some iron, redstone, and a button, you can remotely open any garage that is directly in front of you from a maximum range of 32 blocks. Whoooooa! It’s time to change your pants. I bet it can even do cool things such as open your garage if you use it while driving your vehicle up to it (Disclaimer: I haven’t actually tested vehicular garage activation, but I have no reason to believe it doesn’t work.)

external image B6Bmx7P.jpg
Once again, here are some screenshots to satiate the more skeptical/easily amused.

A large 6×5 garage:
external image kNYExdm.png
The same garage opened via a remote control.
external image XLHpcSq.png

A smaller 4×3 garage.
external image nEzuz5n.png
Here ye, good tidings to thee! Art garages condemned by thou as some possessed evil trifle of the Moderne Times? Harken back to ye days of olde, when mighty castles commanded thy lands. No more shall thy horses be threatened by dangers outside yon castle, for ye, Wenches and Men, have Castle Gates.

Gate Gratings can be crafted from iron.
external image UXbMwOq.png

Three gratings can be combined to form a Castle Gate block. Unlike garages, these only have a minimum height of 2, so you can make person high gates. They behave exactly like garages do.
external image pgkFUOI.jpg

Of course, they did not have remote controls in Medieval times. Now you can craft a golden trumpet and use it to have your incredible, invisible herald with super-fast reaction time to open your gate. Once again, you must be looking directly at the gate from a range of less than 32 blocks.
external image 1b92JQk.jpg

Here are some quick screenshots I took.
A 5×4 gate. As you can see, I am using 1×2 gates as medieval-style windows.
external image LxDszLx.jpg

The same gate opened by using the trumpet:
external image tPnMJ3L.jpg

Here are some things you can do:
*Mine Bauxite Ore and smelt it into Aluminum Ingots.
*Combine Iron Ingots with Coal Dust (made from a piece of coal) and smelt them into Steel Ingots.
*Mine Black Gold and refine it into Crude Oil or build an Oil Derrick on top of Black Gold to harvest Crude Oil.
*Refine Crude Oil into Fuel
*Build cool things out of steel and aluminum such as steel tools, an aluminum ladder, soda cans, and a modern furnace that smelts things twice as fast but only runs on Fuel.
Some more tips:
*Oily chunks must be placed in Aluminum Canisters before they can be refined into Crude Oil.
*The Refinery and Oil Derrick do not need fuel, they only need oil to refine or a steady supply of aluminum cannisters, respectively.
*Oil Derricks can only be placed on top of Steel Pipes. Steel Pipes can only be placed on top of Black Gold or other Steel Pipes. Protip: Don’t destroy all your Black Gold if you want to have oil farms!
*Metalworks should not conflict with any other mods. I narrowly avoided modifying any Notch code.
*Steel tools are exactly the same as Iron tools, except that they last as long as Diamond tools. They are made with Steel Ingots and Steel Shafts.
*Metalworks is designed to be a prerequisite for later mods of mine to come: ModernTech, ModernWar, and another mod that I am not going to say anything about because I don’t want to deal with people freaking out.
Here are some pictures:

Examples of proper ways to set up Oil Derricks.
external image mw1.png

Bauxite Ore and Black Gold (AKA Oil for those that are not hip and with it) in their natural form.
external image mw2.png

ModernTech adds more contemporary building materials to the game, for those of us who want to build modern cities and military bases, but are hampered by Minecraft’s medieval feel. New blocks include:
Reinforced Concrete, which is much stronger than stone and looks cooler
Modern Tile, made by burning clay blocks in a Modern Furnace, look cool, may have more colors in the future
Water Fountain, shoots up a stream of water unreliably when right clicked, still working on this
Camo Plate, a pressure plate that matches the texture of the block under it, waaaay cool, doesn’t work for all blocks, notably grass, too complicated
Two kinds of Aluminum Siding, Horizontal and Vertical, can be painted white, red, green, or blue
Chain Link Fences, they behave the same way as glass panes and iron bars, but are chain link fences!
New doors: Chain Link Gate, Steel Door, and Glass Door
The paint roller from Rways can now be colored with white, red, green, or blue dye to be used to paint siding.
The colored paint rollers can be turned back into regular paint rollers by right clicking them on a water block. Otherwise, the only way to drain them would be to paint a whole bunch of siding. They also turn back into regular paint rollers if they run out of paint.
Clay can be collected by placing dirt in a Refinery.
Tempered Glass, a harder and pickupable version of glass can be made by smelting glass in a Modern Furnace.

Picture time!
A chain link fence and water fountain in front of my house.
external image mt1.png

Four Camo Plates, can you spot the one that is not hidden? (I intentionally had them use the portal texture for when they can’t camouflage because it looks cool.)
external image mt3.png

All of the colors and types of Aluminum siding along with some Modern Tiles.
external image mt4.png

All of the recipes!!

external image NFJoEOt.png


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