Throwing Spears

[su_box title=”Throwing Spears” radius=”5″]Author: LearnToSpel
Required Mods:
Grim3212 Core
Minecraft Forge
Current Version
Older Versions[/su_box]

Features of the spears:
-All spears can be thrown by right clicking
-Each spear has its own sprite
-Spears have a custom sound for when thrown
-Have their own graphic for when thrown
-Spears do not have durability
-Lots of fun!

This mod currently has 8 different kinds of spears.

The Flint Spear which just hurts the entity hit.

The Iron Spear which is the same as the Flint Spear but stronger.

The Diamond Spear which is the same as the Iron Spear but stronger.

The Explosive Spear which explodes when it hits something after being thrown.

The Fire Spear which starts a fire where it lands after thrown.

The Slime Spear bounces off the ground when thrown and hurts entities as much as the Iron Spear.

The Light Spear places a torch where it lands after being thrown.

The Lightning Spear causes a lightning strike where it lands.

Video By:  Me

[su_youtube url=””%5D


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