Nuclear Craft

[su_box title=”Nuclear Craft” radius=”5″]Author: nosedive42
Required Mods:
Grim3212 Core
Minecraft Forge
Current Version
Older Versions[/su_box]

Are you bored of TNT? NuclearCraft fixes that problem by introducing nuclear bombs! In addition to nuclear bombs, NuclearCraft adds uranium ore, C4 (Also more powerful than TNT), plutonium and all the parts you could ever need to make your very own nuke. Ever wanted a nuclear power plant? Use nuclear reactors to power one.

Anti-Radiation suits protect you while mining Uranium. You can now protect yourself while mining uranium!

Note: Uranium ore will only spawn on freshly generated chunks…

Uranium Ore (Can be mined for)
external image 56939635.png
Uranium Ingot
external image 77373029.png
Refined Uranium
external image 27736439.png
Plutonium Ingot
external image 63217544.png
Refined Plutonium
external image 43667167.png
Nuclear Reactor Core
external image 99773426.png
external image 87065811.png
Graphite Rod
external image 67127084.png
Reactor Core Case
external image 73785422.png
Iron Parts
external image 20289108.png
Nuclear Reactor (Provides power)
external image 17xxmq.png
external image 28230655.png
Bomb Shell
external image 59555533.png
external image 46776495.png
Nuclear Bomb
external image 19500406.png
Anti-Radiation Helmet
external image rshelmet.png
Anti-Radiation Chest
external image rschest.png
Anti-Radiation Leggings
external image rslegs.png
Anti-Radiation Boots
external image lsboots.png

Video By:  Me

[su_youtube url=””%5D


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