The Extruder travels forward mining any block in front and laying a sequence of blocks behind.
This is great for building bridges and tunnels, there are nine slots in the sequencer for blocks which the extruder will repeat until it runs out of fuel. Blocks mined will be stored and can be accessed in it’s GUI.

Right click to access the Extruder GUI.
Left click to start or stop the Extruder.

You need to fuel to extruder for it to work, place any fuel item from the list below in to the topmost slot. One fuel unit is consumed per tick plus 350 fuel units for every block mined plus 200 fuel units for every block extruded. Different fuel also can boost the speed of the extruder.

Stick           = 75 fu         (very slow speed)
Coal            = 1600 fu       (slow speed)
Redstone        = 2400 fu       (fast speed)
Lava bucket     = 8600 fu       (normal speed)
Blazerod        = 10000 fu      (normal speed)
Magma Cream     = 15000 fu      (very fast speed)

All of this is customisable in the config file.
Tip: You can place obsidian inside the sequence to shorten the pattern, when the it reaches an obsidian block in the sequence it will jump back to the first slot, hence you can easily make repeating patterns. Here’s how to make a red, blue, red, blue repeating pattern:

[ Red ]  [ Blue ]  [ Obsidian ]  [ Empty ]  [ Empty ]  [ Empty ]  [ Empty ]  [ Empty ]  [ Empty ]

external image t9fyS.png
external image iaaN9.png
external image NcuYe.png
An array of extruders building a bridge for me.
external image TpqUF.png

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a00swVNb0g”%5D