[su_box title=”Masks” radius=”5″]Author: Nandonalt
Required Mods:
Grim3212 Core
Minecraft Forge
Current Version
Older Versions[/su_box]

Make yourself masks! Currently it’s only for show, no special functions.

Also All Crafting recipes are shapeless!
Recipes. Be warned, there is a lot!

Empty Mask
Base for all masks. You can wear it too
external image th_2012-02-08_211133.png
external image 2012-02-08_211224-1.png?t=1328766657

Blaze Mask
external image 2012-02-08_211255.png?t=1328766844
external image 2012-02-08_211306.png?t=1328766857

Cave Spider Mask
external image 2012-02-08_211318.png?t=1328767125
external image 2012-02-08_211328.png?t=1328767123

Chicken Mask
external image 2012-02-08_211531.png?t=1328828483
external image 2012-02-08_211543.png?t=1328828568

Cow Mask
external image 2012-02-08_211657.png?t=1328828679
external image 2012-02-08_211810.png?t=1328828904

Creeper Mask
external image 2012-02-08_211912.png?t=1328829186
external image 2012-02-08_211924.png?t=1328829259

Endermen Mask
external image 2012-02-08_211944.png?t=1328829293
external image 2012-02-08_211958.png?t=1328829305

Ghast Mask
external image 2012-02-08_212025.png?t=1328829374
external image 2012-02-08_212035.png?t=1328829369

Magma Cube Mask
external image 2012-02-08_212119.png?t=1328830544
external image 2012-02-08_212108.png?t=1328830546

Pig Mask
external image 2012-02-08_212142.png?t=1328830551
external image 2012-02-08_212154.png?t=1328830553

Sheep Mask
external image 2012-02-08_212314.png?t=1328830570
external image 2012-02-08_212324.png?t=1328830592

Mooshroom Mask
external image 2012-02-08_212340.png?t=1328830605
external image 2012-02-08_212347.png?t=1328830618

Skeleton Mask
external image 2012-02-08_212403.png?t=1328831293
external image 2012-02-08_212412.png?t=1328831297

Slime Mask
external image 2012-02-08_212443.png?t=1328831361
external image 2012-02-08_212454.png?t=1328831362

Spider Mask
external image 2012-02-08_212509.png?t=1328831366
external image 2012-02-08_212522.png?t=1328831450

Squid Mask
external image 2012-02-08_212536.png?t=1328831377
external image 2012-02-08_212546.png?t=1328831387

Villager Mask
external image 2012-02-08_212648.png?t=1328832386

Wolf Mask
external image 2012-02-08_212842.png?t=1328832398
external image 2012-02-08_212853.png?t=1328832541

Zombie Mask
external image 2012-02-08_212927.png?t=1328832421
external image 2012-02-08_212935.png?t=1328832439

Zombie Pig Man
external image 2012-02-08_213000.png?t=1328832455


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