Dairy Craft

[su_box title=”Dairy Craft” radius=”5″]Author: Nandonalt
Required Mods:
Grim3212 Core
Minecraft Forge
Current Version
Older Versions[/su_box]

The Dairy Mod. It also includes a new item, the Bowl of Milk. This is a combination of a Cheese Maker and Butter Churn.

Let’s get started:
Bowl of Milk – (Compatible With Chocolate Mod by Nandonalt)

Recipe: 1 Bucket of Milk, 1 Bowl.Used for making Cheese and Butter. You get the empty bucket back, like cake!

Cheese Maker

Churning milk into cheese was really weird. So, after suggestions, I made this. The Cheese Maker!What is this? The Cheese Maker transforms Milk into Cheese after a while. So you put Milk in it, wait some time(don’t know exactly) and it’ll transform into a blocky cheese.
Let’s get started:
Cheese Maker
external image TsmkwQw.png
Recipe: 7 Cobblestone and 1 bucket.
This is where the fun takes place. The side texture is compatible with any texture pack! It’ll be the same as the furnace’s side texture.

Cheese Block

Recipe: 9 pieces of cheese.
This will be the final product of the Cheese Maker. Is placeable like cake, but you can’t eat it.


external image QlHZ4Yh.png
Recipe: 1 Cheese Block.

Tutorial – Using the CheeseMaker

external image dswXmSq.png
1. Empty a bowl of milk into the cheese maker.

2. Wait some time, go hunt, mine, anything.

3. When it’s ready, Left-click the maker to release the cheese.

4. Storage, slice into pieces, do anything you want with it

Butter Churn
This is a custom block I made. With this, you can transform one bucket of milk into two pieces of butter.
Let’s get started:

Butter Churn

Recipe: 7 planks and 2 sticks.


Recipe: Not craftable.
This is what you get from the Butter Churn: two pieces of butter.They ARE stackable.

Tutorial – Using the Churn
1. Place the Churn.
2. Place a bowl of milk in your hand.
3. Empty the bowl inside the churn.
4. Left-Click the Churn to release the Butter.
5. Sell on ebay.
6. ????
7. Profit.


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