Magic Wands

[su_box title=”Magic Wands” radius=”5″]Author: MightyPork
Required Mods:
Grim3212 Core
Minecraft Forge
Current Version
Older Versions[/su_box]

What it can do?

  • Building wand
    • building houses, lines, cubes
    • filling holes with water and lava
    • smart placing of torches
    • filling caves with stone
  • Mining wand
    • mining blocks
    • mining ores from surface
    • selective mining of wood, dirt etc.
    • super cheat: Mining ores from surface
  • Breaking wand
    • destroying stuff (drops no items)
    • can spare ores
    • can destroy only plants and leaves

By default, building wand takes needed items (blocks) from your inventory.
This can be turned off in the property file.

BASIC WANDS – cheap & weak
Breaking . Building. . Mining
W S W……W G W…..W D W
W S W……W G W…..W D W
W S W……W G W…..W D W
W-wood, S-iron ingot, G-gold ingot, D-diamond

REINFORCED WANDS – expensive & overpowered
– with Iron, Gold and Diamond blocks!

Breaking . Building . Mining
O S O……O G O…..O D O
O S O……O G O…..O D O
O S O……O G O…..O D O
O-obsidian!, S-iron block, G-gold block, D-diamond block

Blocks are crafted of 9 iron / gold / diamonds.
Wands can build (mine) anything rectangular – box, layer, line…

1) Right click one corner of the box you want to build (break, mine)
2) Hold some ACTION KEY and right click the opposite corner.

What are Action Keys?

Right click any block while holding LEFT CTRL key to get a wand-specific help.
Action Keys By Default Are X, C, V…
These can be changed in the Controls Menu.

Properties File

Property file lets you:

  • Enable OBSIDIAN and BEDROCK breaking
  • Enable fast mode (good for large builds / mining)
  • Change which blocks work for the mining and breaking wands

Mining / Breaking Wands Blocks
To allow other mods blocks into the config you must find the modid and the name of the block.
So for IC2 it would be “IC2:blockOreCopper”
Any issues contact me and I will try to help.

FREE BUILD MODE – build freely!

  • In this mode, no resources are taken from your inventory
  • Basic wands have same parameters as the reinforced ones
  • Wands are not damaged on use.
  • This mode can be enabled in the properties file by changing


  • Never destroy the block you are standing on (falling down to the bedrock is quite painful)
  • Never build house while standing inside, otherwise you might suffocate.
  • Never fill large holes with water while standing at the bottom, you will drown.
  • Never fill up caves while being underground.
  • Always collect resources after mining, otherwise you will experience a lot of lag.

Useful tips:

  • You can place redstone wire, torches and rails using the building wand.
  • You can quickly build ladders using the building wand.
  • Build cages of fence. They look really cool.
  • Build enormous mob traps / spawners with the building wand.
  • Try the wood harvesting mode (V-mining). It is really useful.
  • You can dry up the sea using V-destruction.
  • All wands work also in Nether! Even the water-placing and lava removal!
  • You can build 1:1 model of Versailles 🙂

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