[su_box title=”Fungus” radius=”5″]Author: MightyPork
Required Mods:
Grim3212 Core
Minecraft Forge
Current Version
Older Versions[/su_box]

Our team of genetic engineers have combined slime’s and mushroom’s genome and added some pieces from endermen’s spinal cord, and this is the result – The Incredible Fungus! 48 species!

Basic Growing Fungus

Crafted with 4 slimeballs in a square.
If Tinkers Construct is installed it is then changed to 8 in a square like you are building a chest out of slimeballs.
Instead of only getting one you get two also.
This is just to fix a recipe conflict.

  • Grows to all directions
  • Replaces liquids and weak blocks
  • Can be safely farmed in Fungarium
    (Glass container, one door with signs on the wall to prevent it from escaping)
  • When you break it, you can get slimeball.
  • Destroy it with a sword to get the block itself.
  • Two colors may produce another colors when eaten by each other.

Builder Fungus

external image builders.png

You can build…
Netherrack, Sand, Dirt, Stone, Cobble, StoneBricks, SandStone, Glass

  • Can’t spread upwards, grows only down and to sides.
  • When it’s blocked, it turns into the built block.
  • Remember to build border walls, or you will ruin your world.
  • These species can be used to make a flat surface for your cities, to build dams etc.

Maze Builder

external image aY60n3u.png

Experimental species, may be improved in the future.
The current genome features:

  • Builds a maze, using some genial rules
  • Can be used in your projects, when you kill the fungus, this mod is no longer needed.
  • Several changes with a pickaxe, and you get a real Labyrinth.
  • Can’t grow to sides if there’s not air above it.
  • After the maze is done, plant a Layer Builder above it, and you’ll get a roof.

How to start new labyrinth:

  • Build the starting block at least 1 block above the ground.
  • Flat surface is needed!
  • Remember to build border walls, it spreads infinitely!

Deadly Species
Possible Eaters:

  • Stone
  • Cobblestone / StoneBrick / SandStone / Netherrack = rock eater
  • Dirt
  • Sand = sand ‘n’ gravel eater
  • Leaves = leaves ‘n’ water eater

Dark Acid + Sapling = Forest Killing Blob

All Eaters are now configurable with what blocks they can eat or not eat for the all eating fungus.
You can change it to your liking via the config file.

(Eats leaves and wood, grows to all sides)
Eaters replaces the eaten block with itself.
They can be then killed by dark acid, fungicide, or replaced with any other fungus.

external image alleat.png

Fungicidal Spray

  • Ranged effect! (Up to 20 blocks!)

external image fungicide.png


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