[su_box title=”Wallpaper” radius=”5″]Author: Kaevator
Required Mods:
Grim3212 Core
Minecraft Forge
Current Version
Older Versions[/su_box]

This mod will allow you to craft a new item: the wallpaper, and place it on your walls as a decorative texture. This way, you can have two different faces of a block decorated with two different texture and customize the bedrooms of your house without having to add new blocks. It is recommended to combine this mod with Timber Framing for door and windows frames.

First, create wallpapers thanks to the following recipe:
external image 2011-07-13_23.04.32.png

You can now place your wallpaper on a wall:
external image 2011-07-13_23.06.17.png
It is possible to change the texture by right-clicking on the wallpaper while having another wallpaper in your hand.
external image 2011-07-13_23.06.27.png
When you will place another wallpaper close to an existing one, it will automatically take the same texture.
external image 2011-07-13_23.06.36.png
You can still change a texture by right-clicking it anytime you want.
external image 2011-07-13_23.06.49.png
If you have some dye, you can then color a texture by right-clicking it with dye equipped.
external image 2011-07-13_23.07.10.png
If you want to remove a wallpaper, you need to have the item in your hand or an axe.
It is possible to combine the wallpaper with any item on the wall: Torch, Painting…
external image 2011-07-13_23.15.25.png


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