1.11 Update

I have now posted a 1.11 update. Right now this is in alpha since I haven’t tested much of it but I assume most things should work.
There are also quite a few changes between this alpha and the 1.10 right now.

You can get it now from


  • Minecraft 1.11
  • Minecraft Forge
  • (Optional) JEI
  • (Optional) JER [Any 1.11 versions should work but this is what I built with]

Give a huge thanks to scottosx who added a large portion of the new features. Also, I have done minimal testing so far so report any bugs at https://github.com/grim3212/Grim-Pack/issues. There is also some things that are still being worked on and will be added before the full release.


  • Add in new Decor Door that can be colorized
  • Add in colorizer light that works the same as the default colorizer but emits light
  • New backend changes for colorizer blocks
  • New config changes to decide if colorizers consume a block when set or not
  • Slingshot changes
  • Add in new slingshots, pellets, and a pellet bag to store the different pellets
  • FlatBedrock now generates on the ceiling in the nether
  • Manual recipe pages support clicking the items. If a item has a manual page then it takes you to that page
  • Added mob repulsor, similar to a portable repulsor
  • Cheeseburger recipe now uses steak instead of pork
  • Sound effect for magic wand slightly reduced
  • Added new modes to powerstaff
  • There are now four modes the powerstaff supports (floating push, floating pull, dropping push, dropping pull)
  • These floating modes stop the block from automatically getting affected by gravity
  • Automatic item replacer is set to false by default since many mods do this
  • Default extruder fuel values changed to be more predictable
  • Basic tameable TreasureMob… The start more to come
  • Use oredict stickIron for some recipes to stop some conflicts
  • Add more information to extruder GUI
  • Add in the start of Fungus changes
  • Add in Floating Island world type

Bug fixes for 1.11

  • Remove some OreDict recipes that included vanilla to stop compatibility issues
  • FlatBedrock was causing crashes in 1.11 so the way it has worked has changed so now it modifies the chunks data directly.
  • BetterBUckets use the correct capability for 1.11.
  • Many ItemStack crash fixes that I didn’t catch for the first round of updating.
  • Fix some broken recipes and add some more localizations to Pokeball and Manual.

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