Decor Update

This update is one of the biggest and contains new features including big changes to how decor furniture, fireplaces, and lamp posts work.
You now right click with a block in hand to set the texture and either break it or use a brush to remove the block.

So have fun and you can get the latest version on Curse.


Full changes below

A huge amount of changes from last version


  • Decor furniture has been completely overhauled
  • You now right click a piece of furniture, fireplace, lamp post to let it colorize itself to that block
  • To get the block back you need to break it or craft a brush
  • Shift right click on a furniture block to see what is currently stored
  • Many recipes have changed
  • Config files are now cleaner but will break configs from previous version
  • You can now disable parts via config
  • Added an option to disable corruption generation
  • A few new blocks have been added including colorizer, hardened wood, and burning wood.
  • New items like iron rod
  • Changed how double doors, and fence gates, etc, open so that it uses vanilla and shouldn’t break any changes that mods make


Bug Fixes

  • Hopefully fixed a rare issue that would give a player another manual
  • Fix chain fences to look like iron bars since it was using the same collision box
  • Fix a crash that would occur on servers when mining uranium


Probably a small change I missed but everything should be documented in the manual.
Big thanks to Drakray for reporting all of the bugs as well as making some suggestions.

I am always open to suggestions.


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